Medicare Annual Enrollment 2024

We want to remind you to hop on our Calendar for your Annual Plan Review.

This is a great time for us to review your Prescription Drug Coverage and make sure your doctors are still in network with your plan for 2024!!

Our calendars are open for CURRENT clients first. Please click the following link to get on our calendar:

Or give us a call at to schedule an Annual Review from Oct 15th to Dec 7th.

Jacquie’s Medicare clients will remain Jacquie’s clients, so please hop on her calendar for a review.


Melissa will be helping any referrals or New Medicare clients and they can hop on her calendar for a review.

We don’t want anyone to experience surprises next year, so please take the time to do the review. We CAN’T talk about plans until after October 1st, so anytime between October 1st – December 7th is a great time to do your review.


Again, THANK YOU for allowing us to serve you and THANK YOU for your referrals! We love helping your friends and family and are grateful you have helped Translating Insurance expand.